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Now its the 10th November  2008 and the work on Wave Runner has been slow, but I have been making progress.

I feel like I have a boat, the mast is up, and I have tried the sails.

So for the updated progress on Wave Runner ,   click here


If you have any cruising stories , or pictures of your Bobcat email them to me and I will post them up, when I get sorted !



Please note I am very busy, up to my eyeballs, as they say, but I will answer the emails , in Cornish time "dreckly"








Bobcats were designed in the early sixties, by Bill O'brian and built by J.K.Pike + Sons Ltd in Totten  Hants.

Built from plywood in a monacoque construction and sheathed, they are a very strong and durable little cruising boat

There were approximately 120 built.

Here is  Two's Company, sailing peacefully down the Bay of Biscay on her trip down to Spain and Portugal, after her renovation at Foss Quay


Two's Company is not a standard

Bobcat, she has had a small 

wheelhouse, as can be seen from

the photos. This gives full standing

headroom and a feel of much 

larger boat.

What a nice sailing day

Two's Company has now been sold to John who lives in Brittany. Its good to know when you sell a boat the new owner will still care for her. I'm hoping John will send some accounts of his sailing in Brittany.

I would like to say thank you to John, he is getting a new engine, and is giving his old one, to put on Wave Runner.  For the story and renovation of Wave Runner click here

For the official,  Bobcat and Catalac Cruising Web Site   click here

Two's Company trip to Spain      for the story and pictures  click here

Two Bobcats to Brittany,  Tom and Mary Lack           for details of their trip click here

The first Bobcat cruise in company in 1966


On going Project.       Roger doing a major renovation on Wave Runner

Click here for details

Renovation of Two's Company       Click here for details


Martin taking on Cresta Mancy, a big repair job     Click here for details



Kevin and Dave taking on a major renovation on Carbonnel   Click here for details

Sad, but anything man made can be man fixed.

We have a friend called Roger, who only buys old wrecks!
& every time we see him, we wonder what comes next.
We heard he'd got a Bobcat.... we thought it was a digger.
Let's hope when he's finished it, it turns out to be BIGGER...
Nina didn't pass this test, on either incarnation,
& neither did poor Tiki, 'cept in his 'magination ,
so when the heck will Roger just get his act together?
Come on Rog.... point south, and get some decent weather!
...... from the Big Tiddles doggerel dept., NZ chapter.

A little verse from Dave


Said Roger and Graham ‘we have a dream,’

To create a Bobcat sailing machine,

We’ll lower the mast and strip the deck

And build our boat out of a wreck.

The hulls will gleam the decks will shine,

This will take hard work and time.

Every fitting and every screw

Will take us both awhile to renew.

This time, next year, sometime never,

‘Wave Runner’ will sail as fast as ever.


From Graham and Tina  


There was a man called Martin

He didn't have much a clue,

Martin was a Bobcat skeptic,

Floating pallets, a phrase from him.

But a story of a Bobcat through Biscay

A severe gale 9 in her stride

3 months in the sun, having fun

Now Martins getting wise.




Well Martin has gone and done it, He's taken on Cresta Mancy

for details     click here

Sailor's  Weather  Rhymes.    


 If clouds are gathering thick and fast,

Keep sharp look out for sail and mast,

But if they slowly onward crawl,

Shoot your lines, nets and trawl.


For more weather rhymes click here

Here is a basic guide to renovating a Bobcat

In most cases the cost of renovation is not too much, the main materials being 9mm plywood, 2"x1" softwood, 2"x2" softwood, stainless steel screws and epoxy glue, filler and glass cloth. For about £ 600 you can do a lot of work, but work is the problem, actually doing the work is the hard bit.  It normally takes time,  there is no quick fix, but stick with it and you will end up with a wonderful little cruising boat, which if done properly will last a lifetime.


  The first thing to do is to keep all water out, by either

  building a shed, or drop the mast then build supports

  to use it as a beam to drape waterproof covers over.

  Then make sure all the water in the boat is mopped

  up and the interior is completely dry.


  Start hacking all the rot out, it dosn't matter how

  large, the rot must be taken out, to at least 6" into

  good wood. On the left is a photo of the hole in TC

  where I chopped out all the rot. The reason to cut the

rot back into 6" of good wood is to make sure, the replacement new wood has a good strong solid surface to bond to when glued.



 Are those her ribs through which the Sun

 Did peer, as through a grate?

 And is that woman all her crew?

 Is that a Death: and are there two?

 Is Death that womans mate?


 Her lips were red , her looks were free

 Her locks were yellow as Gold:

 Her skin was as white as leprosy,

 The Night Mare Life-in-Death was she,

 Who thicks man's blood with cold


Don't shoot the Albatross


 Latest News

March 2008

Received an email from John and Anne who have their bobcat Katiki in the med, for details

click here

Sept 2007

Received an email from Kevin, with his mate Dave they are doing a renovation on Carbonnel. I hope to get some pictures and info which I will post up.

Received some pictures

click here

to see them

Me helming on the trip to Brittany. More pictures click here

22nd October,

Received an email from Pete, who owns Liebfrog he has done the biggest restoration on a bobcat, that I have known, the boat looked like a skeleton. He will be sending details and pictures when he can. Also he is after a set of sails if any one can help, please email him at Pete




A few messages




Hi Graham and Tina, hope the champagne is flowing ok. hick!!


Cheers,  Mike off Allegro, much appreciated.     Details     wave runner renovation


Mike, Allegro, received your email, hit the reply button, got mail delivery failure, tried on my yahoo address got the same.



If you have any cruising stories , or pictures of your Bobcat email them to me and I will post them up,