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So I said to her, have you managed to sell her yet ?

She said no one was interested.

So I said what are you going to do ?

She said, cut her up.

I said you can't do that.

She said, oh yes I can, why do you say that, do you want it ?

I went to see Graham, how do you fancy a major renovation project, Graham being, naive, and innocent, when it comes to boats,

is all for it.

So I said yes, then thought, oh dear what have we done.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 The project was started on the 1st April 2006 ,  a very good date to start.

With all projects like this there is very little equipment, but we have time, no money, but time, to try and source bits.

There are a few major bits, like a good engine, GPS, Auto helm, VHF, which might be a problem, but its surprising, when you get involved  

with a project like this all sorts of people are willing to help. We have just been given us a very important piece of equipment

a kettle.  We have been to a boat jumble and bought a lavac for a tenner, a whale gusher pump for 7, so we are quite pleased.


1st of June and a big thank you, for Mike from Allegro, he has given us his old furling system for a few cans of beer, he said it was ok but a bit tired, however it is a good quality one, and with our sail half the size of his, it will be ok. Thanks again Mike.


Here is a picture record of our progress


In the covers where it had been lost for years

Some of the bad interior, the photo's don't show just how bad things are

More interior, in the left photo you can see some of the green slim, where water has been constantly leaking in.

With the covers removed and the mast down, seeing daylight.

So far so good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well week one finished and I spoke too soon, "So far so good", no, Graham pulled the mooring cleat up through the deck,

which means most of the foredeck is rotten, and inside the bows there is lots of rot.

These two pictures show the rot in the bow compartments and the hole in the foredeck where Graham pulled the cleat through


Week three and still taking bits off and finding things, like a very bad repair in the stbd hull by the galley, which resulted in

ripping out the complete galley and taking out a large section of hull. There is a broken frame here, probably caused by a shunt.

Galley ripped out

Hole in the hull

Hole in the hull from the outside


Well coming to the end of week 4 and we have been concentrating  on the forward stbd hull and foredeck.

Not so much rot but a lot of wet wood, so out it comes, below shows more holes.


Forward bow compartment, still in one piece

Decking cut out on stbd foredeck


Fore decking cut out.

The side hulls cut out from the stem post aft.

The hulls below water line cut back from stem post aft


Well into week 5 and still taking her to pieces, we have now removed all the fore decking

Port decking

Starboard decking

We have been a little demoralised with still ripping her to pieces , so we decided to put some bits back,

here is a picture of a decking beam , with a nice bit of scarfing, which Graham did.

Beam cut out

Beam scarfed in


Here is the web we have put in as a deck beam support.


The end of week 6 and now what have we found !!!!!!!!!!!

Oh dear !! we have found something I was hoping we wouldn't.

The keel main plank was rotten, about 3 feet back from the stem post, so we had to cut it out,

This picture shows the bits cut out on the port hull.

The picture on the other side shows how it should be.


26th of May the end of week 8, and not a lot done over the last two weeks, because of the weather.

The proper thing to do is to put up a shed, 3" x 2" timbers covered with tarps, however the cost would be about 500,

so thats out of the question, so we'll just have to keep dodging the showers, and keep the boat dry with all the old hole-y,

tarps that we have.


2nd of June end of week 9, the weather has broken and we have been getting lots of sun.

While Graham was away for a few days, drinking lots of champagne,  I started a job which I have had a mental block against,

Hacking away the plywood against the keel plank. I have been worried that large areas of the keel plank would be rotten.

On the port hull, so far so good, the keel plank is wet but not rotten, with help from Graham, when he sobered up, we have now

exposed all the keel plank and there is no rot, hurrah!!!!!!!!!


This picture shows the port hull cut back above the keel for the full length on the starboard side. The drum is there under the main beam to help with support.


This picture shows the port hull cut back above the keel on the port side forward.

This picture shows the port hull cut back above the keel on the port side aft.

12th of June, and for the last 4/5 days Graham and myself have been grovelling on the floor exposing the starboard keel plank.

What a relief, the keel plank is wet and damaged but not rotten. We will now leave this exposed for a couple of months to dry out.

We will now be able to start sorting the front end out again, putting her back together. Yes.


24th of June,  coming to the end of week 12,  and good progress, however my camera is not talking to my computer, so I can't put

any more pictures up at the moment.

The bridge deck foreward is now close to being sorted, we have put double struts underneath, with strengthening pieces on the join.

The stem posts both sides have been rebuilt. Hoping to be ready to replace the deck the end of next week.


3rd of July, the completion of  3 months. All the wood work on the foreward bridgedeck has been completed, all the woodwork

between the decking and bridgedeck has been completed. We have been held up with parts getting wet, a few thunderstorms,

with heavy rain finding their way through the covers, but hopefully now things will be watertight, please!!!!!!!

From July onwards I am starting up another page.


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