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3rd of July , 3 months on.


We are quite pleased so far, slow but steady, most bad bits have been hacked out, all the fittings are off and we have put back a few bits, the foreward third has been mostly repaired, which gives us a boost, as its looking good.


15th of July , the end of week 15


All the construction work on the foreward bridgedeck, including the internal work, has now been completed and is ready for sheathing.


All the supports under the bridgedeck, glued and screwed.



This shows the strengthening work on the bridgedeck, with plywood


knees either side of the supports. All ready for sheathing.


Yes, !!!!!  we have put the foredeck back on, shaped, taped and finished with glass cloth. It's good to get something constructive done.

We are doing some things in the wrong order, this will mean it will be harder and take longer to do things later on. Things like grinding,  paint removal, painting and doing things inside the boat, as at the moment the boat is open and accessible with a good airflow. The thing that worries me is, down 'ere' , in Cornwall, in the winter it seems to rain all the time and at the moment the boat is bone dry, so we are trying to get the boat sealed and watertight before the winter sets in.



The foredeck on ready for sheathing

The foredeck sheathed



22nd of July end of week 16

The front cabin ply has been fitted and the starboard cabin side has been removed, also the starboard decking.


Starboard cabin side removed.

Opposite is the starboard decking removed


29th of July end of week 17

More good progress, the good dry weather has been a real bonus. The port cabin side and side deck has been removed, and new ply fitted, also new ply has been fitted on the starboard side and it has all been sheathed.


Port cabin side and side decking removed

Port cabin side and decking fitted


  Starboard cabin side, decking and cabin front fitted


August 4th end of week 18

What a awful week, spent most of the week on my back, side, kneeling, grovelling, under each hull, grinding.   Grinding, anti-fouling, epoxy, old paint, sheathing and all sorts of things. A lot of work,  but, it seems not a lot done. All to prepare the hulls for replacing the ply. I have fitted new inner keel planks, but still lots of work, before replacing the hull ply. Last week my grinder packed up also one of the jigsaws, I managed to fix the grinder, new brushes, and I exchange the jigsaw under guarantee, but now the other grinder has packed up, what next !!!!!!!!!!!


August 13th end of week 19

Another hard, hard week, grovelling under each hull, but I did manage to make all the butt straps, and fit them. The grinder I fixed has gone again, I think its the switch this time, also the electric drill is playing up, the switch will not work, plug it in for on, unplug for off, what a way to carry on. When will I get the hulls done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I am getting a little concerned about the weather, there is a feel of Autumn in the mornings and its getting darker earlier in the evenings. Will I get the hulls sealed before the rain sets in ?????????


August 19th end of week 20

An easy start to the week, rain stopped play for a few days, but then Friday and Saturday, were hard days again, grovelling on my back, side and knees, on the floor, but I managed to plank the hulls, on both sides, on both hulls, yes yes yes, real progress.


Starboard hull planked


Port hull planked


August 26th  end of week 21

Well quite an easy week with little done, as the weather has been wet and damp. The covers leaked a little causing the ply to get wet, not a lot of water but enough to stop me gluing and sheathing. I needed just another 5 days of good weather to get the hulls sheathed and protected, but not to be. The forecast for next week is more of the same, wet and damp, oh well I'll do what I can.



September 11th  end of week 23

A couple of quiet weeks, because of the weather, but still seemed to send most of the time under the boat, grovelling and grinding, but have managed to sheath the out sides of the hulls.  Graham is now back from his holiday and his first day back, he ended up doing a lot of grinding, just to get him back in the swing of things.


September  16th  end of week 24

The inside of the hulls, ( outside, under the bridge deck) have now been sheathed, and the keel shoes have been fitted, not a bad week.


September 24th  end of week 25

Not a lot done, bad weather, bit lazy, but slowly getting the keel shoes sheathed. The problem is having to keep jacking the boat up, to move the blocks which support the boat.


Starboard keel shoe being sheathed


Port keel shoe being sheathed


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