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October 7th end of week  27

Making good but slow progress, the hole in the stbd hull has been squared off, buttstraps made and fitted and new ply fitted and is ready for sheathing.

Two frames were repaired and strengthened by doubling up.

The stbd, side decking from the main bulkhead aft has been removed, and low and behold, more rot problems in the cockpit coaming has been  found, so we are hacking that out.


The hole in the galley before being squared off.

New ply fitted in the hole in the galley. Also the two frames fixed.



The side decking removed also where we have started to hack out the rot in the coaming



October 17th into week 29

Slow progress, its this winter thing, very difficult to get into things when you are fighting the weather and battling with the covers. Still we have sheathed the hole we fixed in the galley and managed to remove the cockpit coaming and ground out the lockers on that side.


The cockpit coaming completely removed


October 27th end of week 31

Another  quiet week, but we have replaced the side decking and the cockpit coaming, I forgot to take some photo's, I'll try and remember tomorrow.


Here is the photo, they look a bit rough, but are ready for sanding and fairing.



November 5th end of week 32

Another quiet week, fighting the weather, too cold for glueing, and then too damp, so we are going to leave the outside until next year and start the inside.

As things will be slow now, I will properly only up date the progress once every month.


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