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Well it's January 2007, not a lot going on at the moment, if the weather improves, we might get a little done but I'm not expecting to get a lot done before march.


When we get things done I'll post them up.



Well , August 2007,  below there are a few pictures of the work done this year, not a lot, but as you must know the weather has been unkind to us .


  This is the state of the boat, still well wrapped up in the covers.




Just to show the state of the interior






The interior with the windows cut out


   Repairing the port cockpit locker





Double skinning the cockpit floor, 2 x 1 supports.


   Ply skin been laid.





Side decking and coaming been removed and repaired


   Aft beam being repaired





Back end being dismantled ready for rebuild






Backend lockers being built


   Outboard well being built





Backend lockers built with coamings


   Side lockers rebuilt with new coamings





Side deck replaced with coaming fixed


   Outboard well finished





Outboard well from below.


   The mast tabernacle fitted onto new base.





Tabernacle backing pads were rotten, so they were removed.


   The backing pads replaced with with new hardwood pads.



Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, a coat of paint.




The cockpit has just been painted, and has started to look good.





The locker lids built and put in place  


All the locker lids, locker shelves, shelf batons, and floors, being painted. Seemed, like there were thousands of them.



The lockers painted out and looking good




Locker shelves and floors fitted and carpeted out.


The carpets are only there to protect the paintwork, during renovation.

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