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Half way through September and all the cockpit lockers,  coamings, lids,  floors and shelves have been finished and painted and are all looking good, its nice to actually finish a job. The cockpit is now protected with two coats of 2 pot epoxy primer. Now its time to clean the boat out and fill up the lockers, to give room to work inside the boat and as the winter is on the way, try to work out what's next.


Graham has decided not to work on the boat anymore, not to worry,  I'll soldier on.


When I get things worked out, and start work again I'll post it up.





Ok, I've decided the next job is to build the wheelhouse, if the weather lets me.

The wheelhouse is the thing that makes these wonderful little boats.

Yes I've heard all the remarks, less sail area, windage, blah, blah, blah, but these people just don't understand.

I'm going to put up all the info , but these measurements are only meant to be a guide, as most boats are slightly different.




The cabin roof cut away


  The specks I think are dust particles



Here are the measurements so far, as I said these are only a guide.


  The batons to fix the wheelhouse, glued on, shown by red circles.



The measurements of the door bulkhead and sides


   The door bulkhead and sides made


Well, because of the good weather I've nearly finished the wheelhouse.

This is what it looks like. A bit tall but it gives 6' 2" headroom, by the entrance.



The door cut out


The door made and just propped up, it is a stable type door, the top section can be removed, it just slots onto the bottom section.


Its coming to the end of October, so I've replaced all the heavy duty covers, they will now stay on till next year. I will now try to get the door painted and finished, then the cockpit painted out and finished so that I can get all the door fittings on and door fixed on, and all the cockpit locker lids fixed down with hinges and locks.

Then a slow winter slog trying to get the inside sorted, I'll keep you posted.





Well, I didn't manage to get the cockpit and door bulkhead totally finished, but I did manage to get two coats of  2 pot polyurathane on, which will protect it for the winter.

Its now coming to the end of December, very little done between October and now and I can't see much being done in the next two months, its this winter thing, but I'll post up my progress when there is some..



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