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1st June 2008, its been a slow slog through the winter and the early part of the year, but I have managed to sort out the inside.

The heads compartment is finished, painted out, sink fitted with foot pump for water, lavac fitted, apart from the  skin fittings.

Navigation side finished, with water container under chart table, for heads water.

Galley nearly finished, work surface, sink, fitted, gas plumbed in, water pump working, but no skin fittings.

Main cabin area, painted out, with wood trim fitted.


I have been making steady but slow progress, I don't think I will be launching this year, still too much to do.




Fwd bunks, with frames to keep the sides away from the hull sides.

This is done to keep plenty of ventilation.




The heads painted out


                           The heads , bilges painted out



The heads floorboards fitted


  The heads washbasin fitted and plumbed in



The lavac fitted


   The navigation side, painted out


The navigation floorboards




The galley painted out

The sink, tap, foot pump, and rubbish locker fitted



The galley worktop, and cooker shelf

The galley worktop and sink



The main cabin painted out




The main cabin with table and carpets fitted, most of the interior is finished and the galley is working.



The 1st of September 2008



The switch panels wired up, with a mains circuit run in


  Toe rails fitted and the hulls painted with one coat of epoxy primer

Hand rails fitted on cabin tops and wheelhouse    

Hand rail around cockpit with all hand rails painted



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